P&ID To-Do List - the intelligent 3D connection

The P&ID To-Do List is a function integrated in Smap3D Plant Design which creates an intelligent connection between Smap3D P&ID Schematic and 3D piping design with Smap3D Piping.

In P&ID, the process engineering diagram for a process and a facility is created and documented. This uses simplified 2D symbols and lines which cannot be used directly (1:1) for the 3D piping design in the 3D CAD.

However, the existing attributes of the symbols and lines defined in the P&ID by a process engineer can be evaluated automatically with the P&ID To-Do List. For the engineer or designer in 3D CAD, they serve as a basis for creating 3D piping systems and as support for the entire 3D plant design.


Smap3D Plant Design - P&ID to 3D








The To-Do List displays all relevant P&ID attributes (configurable) in the 3D CAD environment. In two different views - the components view and piping view - the user receives the available information in accordance with the current process step and in a suitably prepared form.

With these attributes, the user can perform other special functions and automated processes for even more effective 3D piping design in 3D CAD:

  • Automatic display of the from/to connection points on 3D models for easy drawing of the required pipeline path.
  • Automatic creation of piping sub-assemblies with the names of piping systems from P & ID for easy structuring of your CAD assembly.
  • Automatic generation of the 3D pipeline with definitions from P&ID: pipeline name, pipe class, diameter.
  • Automatic transfer of all relevant P&ID attributes to the 3D models for subsequent evaluation in parts lists or isometric drawing.
  • Automatic placement of the P&ID-defined inner equipment components as 3D models in the 3D piping system.