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Customer references

Cougar Sales, Inc., USA/TX
"In the few short weeks that I have used Smap 3D Piping I have noticed a significant improvement in the time it is taking to draw one of our fabricated skids. Smap 3D's Pipe Class Specification and Partfinder modules have allowed me to easily add correct piping and vendor supplied parts to my database for a truly complete 3D production drawing."
Daniel Leos, Product Development/Marketing (more)
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Krones, Germany
"We are already reaping the benefits of Smap3D Plant Design shortly after implementation: Automated data transfer to CAD, ERP and other systems not only improves the efficiency and speed of day-to-day design work, but other departments also benefit from the solution since relevant data are provided early on for further planning and changes.”
Volker Richter, Head of Mechanical and Process Engineering at Krones AG (more)
Reference for Smap3D Plant Design

"With the integrated solution for pipeline planning, we are working up to three times faster than the previous process. The combination of CAD, piping design, PDM and ERP has improved our efficiency, reduced costs and increased quality.”
Christian Montag, Group Leader of Mechanical Design (more)
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Grundfos Holding A/S, Denmark
"Our partner has solved all questions of detail with a homogenous complete solution. We are already impressed by the usability and efficiency."
Lars Peder Hansen, Project Manager (more)
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Zeppelin Power Systems, Germany
"SOLIDWORKS and Smap3D Plant Design models are merged in the master structure and we can see the exact status of the different assemblies and where collisions occur. Of course, once in a while a pipeline is askew in the space, but then we have even better insight about what needs to be done. The project completion time and the delivery time has been significantly reduced through the networking of projects and the parallel work of several colleagues at the same time."
Feeko Harders, Project Manager (more)
Reference for Smap3D Plant Design

TechnoAlpin Holding S.p.A., Italy
"With the introduction of the Smap3D Plant Design solution, we are able to complete more projects in a shorter period of time, and it has significantly improved our workflow. The numerous opportunities for integration, automations and elimination of interfaces means that we can work more quickly and accurately, right away. The software solution from CAD Partner tremendously simplifies nearly 2,000 masterplans per year.”
Andreas Weiss, Head of Engineering Draftsman (more)
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ferroDECONT GmbH, Austria
"Smap3D Plant Design is an essential component, a kind of engine for our conception, so that we can quickly implement ideas. Due to the process reliability, the error potential can be largely reduced or even eliminated. Smap3D Plant Design's process reliability reduces development time by more than 50 percent.”
Peter Müller, Managing Director (more)
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Plan-eta GmbH, Germany
"By actively linking P&ID and 3D design in conjunction with the system's internal error correction, we were able to place our design focus even more on optimizing system efficiency and user friendliness. The result was exemplary drawings, which the globally operating and highly experienced client said they had never seen at this level of precision.”
Jörg Müller, Managing Director (more)
Plant Design Software - Reference

Siemens s.r.o., Czech Republic
"Through time savings with Smap3D Plant Design, our designers can use their knowledge and time for innovative ideas to meet market demands.”
Jaroslav Klima, Head of Design Group F&U (more)
Plant Design Software - Reference

Siemens Ltd., China
"With the Chinese user interface and integrated pipe specs we can easily and quickly train new employees. Due to the ease of use and clear structure, our team is highly motivated and very happy to work with Smap3D Plant Design.”
Gui Xiong Liang Bright, Section Manager Fluids, Steel Structure (more)
Plant Design Software - Reference

"The combination of Smap3D Piping, the Smap3D Plant Design Library and Smap3D PartFinder makes this an extremely valuable solution for us.“
Falko Lameter, IT Manager (more)
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IAF Process Engineering, Austria
"Pipe class specifications ensure that corporate knowledge is available to every user, including new employees, with speed and process-reliability."
Christian Mehlsack, Technical Director (more)
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Schwanner GmbH, Germany
"With Smap3D Plant Design we can cover the entire design process, from the creation of 3D models to isometric output including BOMs, and have thereby minimized errors and significantly increased our productivity."
Markus Frank, Construction Manager (more)

Kilger GmbH ServicePartner, Germany
"Wrong orders – caused by incorrect drawings and cut lists – are a thing of the past and we have been able to reduce assembly rework by about 20%."
Franz Kilger, Managing Director (more)
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Easy Services, Singapur
"With Smap3D Plant Design we have finally found a software we can use to produce very demanding drawings for different industries and projects - in even less time."
Chan Liat Fong, Managing Director (more)

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Reseller references

Solidpro GmbH, Germany
"Because of the professional sales training and technical training by CAD Partner, our team can expertly advise our customers and provide optimal customer support."
August Kurz, Sales Manager (more)

Solidpro GmbH

graphIT, Ltd., Hungary
"Our Piping Customer Days are a very successful marketing tool for us, mainly as a result of the participation of the CAD Partner consultants. Our customers and potentially interested parties benefit enormously from the industry experience of the CAD Partner team. A true gain and an added value for everyone!"
Péter Sallay, Managing Director (more)

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Solid System Team GmbH, Germany
"From the start of our cooperation, CAD partner has supported us perfectly through ongoing training and roadshows. With this know-how due to the intensive support, it is possible for us to contact and acquire new clients and provide service to them independently."
Joachim Mack, Managing Director (more)
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