Reference for CAD Partner:

Solid System Team GmbH, Germany

Reference for CAD Partner

Solid System Team GmbH implements a fully integrated design and development environment for companies in plant and mechanical engineering. With our expertise in the areas of CAD, PDM/PLM, ERP and cloud services we provide individual solutions for continuous processes.


With Smap3D Plant Design, we can now offer a comprehensive
and compatible software suite, thus giving us access to new markets.
This enabled us to acquire internationally operating as well as small
and medium-sized companies as long-term customers.


The traditional CAD market in Germany is largely saturated. Each individual potential customer is being strongly pursued by typical CAD system suppliers. SST focuses on compatible software solutions instead of single solutions.

"From the start of our cooperation, CAD partner has supported us perfectly through
ongoing training and roadshows. With this know-how due to the intensive support,
it is possible for us to contact and acquire new clients and provide service to them

Joachim Mack, Managing Director