Reference for CAD Partner:

graphIT, Ltd., Hungary

Reference for CAD PartnerFor more than 15 years GraphIT has been one of the largest CAD/CAM/PLM suppliers in Hungary. graphIT has more than 800 customers from different segments of the industry incl. automotive, ma-chinery, mold & die, energy. graphIT’s solutions cover the whole PLM portfolio for sales, services, training and consultation.


In the challenging economy of Hungary graphIT provides value solutions to the customers to reduce design and manufacturing time, to save costs and to develop products faster.


Our customer base grows continuously because of the expansion of our portfolio through Smap3D Plant Design. This is one of the reasons why we are perceived as an extremely competent partner. 


"Our Piping Customer Days are a very successful marketing tool for us, mainly as a result of the participation of the CAD Partner consultants. Our customers and potentially interested parties benefit enormously from the industry experience of the CAD Partner team. A true gain and an added value for everyone!"
Péter Sallay, Managing Director, graphIT, Ltd.