Large assemblies: Create 500 pipelines on 10,000 qm with Smap3D Plant Design

Plan-eta GmbH, GermanyPlan-eta GmbH is a German-based project planning company working in the field of industrial media supply. PLANning and system efficiency (η = ETA) form the foundation for all of the company’s activities.
The focus is on the de-sign of complex supply solutions for various media such as air (cooling air, combustion air, technical and medical pressurized air, etc.), water (drinking water and industrial water supply, filtration systems) and fuels (LPG, natural gas, diesel). The design team has an esteemed international reputation due to their precise, fast and reliable designs which can encompass extensive as-semblies. Recently the designers successfully finalized a major project for a glass factory in Brazil for which they designed over 500 pipelines distributed over 10,000 qm. (...) (pdf, 470 kb)

Smap3D Plant Design reference: Plan-eta


Faster and more streamlined process from 3D scan into CAD

Smap3D ScanToCAD: Faster and more streamlined process from 3D scan into CADUse Smap3D ScanToCAD to transfer geometries from 3D scans/point clouds into CAD instead of creating your own drawing.
How is it possible to transfer a point cloud’s high data volume from the 3D scan into a 3D CAD system efficiently and in a manner suited for daily operations? CAD Partner GmbH now offers the perfect solution with Smap3D ScanToCAD. Smap3D ScanToCAD merges the various referenced scans or the individual scans into an overall project. The software transfers the selected 3D geometry directly in the CAD systems Solidworks and Solid Edge. (...) (pdf, 140 kb)


Zentis GmbH & Co. KG utilizes Smap3D Plant Design

Zentis utilizes Smap3D Plant DesignThe long-established company Zentis GmbH & Co. KG, headquartered in Aachen, will now be using Smap3D Plant Design by CAD Partner GmbH for the construction of their facilities.
Zentis made the decision to use Smap3D Plant Design based on our experience in the food and beverage industry, our international market presence, and the ability for extensive 3D-CAD integration.
Brand manufacturer Zentis, which is primarily known for its spreads, quality jams and jellies, has committed to designing their plants with the help of Smap3D Plant Design software by CAD Partner GmbH from Germany. (...) (pdf, 110 kb)


Easy Services & CAD Partner GmbH

Smap3D Plant Design for the automation of parts and components lists in P&ID
Easy Services is an expert partner for all machinery and plant engineering projects. For many years now, the company has impressed clients from various industries and countries. The design office based in Singapore enjoys an international reputation, above all due to its precise, fast and reliable design of cooling systems and ventilation shafts. (...) (pdf, 345 kb)


Expansion: CAD Partner Technologies Asia has two new branches
and training centers in Shanghai and Beijing

CAD Partner in AsiaSoftware products for 3D pipeline design from Germany - Smap3D Plant Design is a success in Asia
CAD Partner Technologies Asia is represented in the Asian market with two more offices in Shanghai and Beijing. The software company from Germany now has a total of four locations in Hong Kong and China. As part of the expansion, two training centers for the new offices were opened. The training program consists of training for plant design in 3D with Smap3D Plant Design and working in P&ID and Isometrics. Kin-Chuen Kan is responsible for the management of the new offices and the implementation of the training. Kan has been working for CAD Partner for several years and has paved the way for the expansion due to his successful leadership of the first two branches in Asia. (...) (pdf, 270 kb)


CAD Partner recognized with SOLIDWORKS® Gold Partner
status for Smap3D Plant Design

SOLIDWORKS Gold ProductCAD Partner is now a certified Gold Partner for Smap3D Piping - the 3D piping design software that is integrated directly in the 3D CAD software SOLIDWORKS.
Dassault Systèmes SOLIDWORKS Corp. has awarded Gold Partner status to CAD Partner for its internationally implemented piping design solution Smap3D Piping. "With the integration of Smap3D Piping and SOLIDWORKS, we have achieved an important quality criterion and are very pleased to receive this recognition," said Werner Heckl, Managing Director of CAD Partner GmbH. (...) (pdf, 134 kb)


Cougar Fuel Systems (USA/Texas) & CAD Partner

Reference for Smap3D Plant Design: Cougar Sales, Inc.Smap3D Plant Design for piping design of mechanical equipment and compact systems
Cougar Fuel Systems specializes among other things in the production of fuel systems for the emergency supply of critical facilities. International customers such as Grundfos and AERCO trust in the competence of the Texas-based company. For the construction of pipelines, the engineers at Cougar Fuel Systems, in turn, depend on the software Smap3D P & ID and Piping Smap3D by CAD Partner GmbH from Germany. (...) (pdf, 343 kb)


Grundfos trusts in Smap3D Plant Design

Grundfos trusts in Smap3D Plant DesignDesign engineers of the international supplier of pumps and pumping systems will use software for 3D plant design by the German company CAD Partner GmbH in the future.Grundfos was looking for a software solution for designing plants which could be used in their international project departments around the globe. The Grundfos Group with its headquarters in Bjerringbro (Denmark) consists of more than 80 companies worldwide and designs, among other things, plants for water distribution, fire protection and waste water treatment. (...) (pdf, 303 kb)


CAD Partner GmbH in Hong Kong and China

German CAD software company with branches in Asia
CAD Partner GmbH, founded in 1989 by Werner Heckl and headquartered in Nittendorf near Regensburg, is now represented by branches in Hong Kong and China. A U.S. branch was opened just last year. The reason for the expansion decision lies in the strong demand for the in-house proprietary Smap3D Plant Design CAD solution - a software for the design of 3D piping systems. According to Maxim Lich, CAD Partner GmbH Director of Sales for Eastern Europe, CIS, the Middle East and Asia: “Due to numerous inquiries and discussions with customers from Asia, we have established that there is a large market in the plant design industry there.” Both branches are fortunate to have expert manager Kin-Chuen Kan, who has extensive experience in the Asian CAD market as well as international management. (...) (pdf, 100 kb)


Smap3D Plant Design now available in Brazil

For a continuous process chain in P&ID, 3D piping and isometrics
Smap3D Plant Design is unique in the world: The software facilitates and expedites planning and design in the 3D CAD system and minimizes errors. It combines P&ID, 3D piping and isometrics while providing numerous automated features such as centrally defined pipe classes for a continuous process chain! Smap3D turns the 3D CAD system into an innovative 3D plant engineering solution. Smap3D is now also available in Brazil and can be ordered through IST Sistemas. (...) (pdf, 134 kb)


3D Piping: Siemens s.r.o. focuses on Smap3D Plant Design

Error reduction and acceleration of construction process by up to 50 %
As of now, design engineers of Siemens s.r.o. use Smap3D Piping and Smap3D Isometric by CAD Partner GmbH for their daily work - the construction of plants. Jaruslav Klima, Head of Design Centre F&U on the decision: "Due to saving time by means of working with Smap3D Plant Design, our design engineers can use their knowledge and time for innovative ideas. The reason is that Smap3D Plant Design with its integrated standard symbol library and pipe specifications (classes) provide our design engineers with a secure access to important information and allows us to design our products faster and more reliable." (...) (pdf, 125 kb)


New: Smap3D Plant Design available in Russian version

CAD Partner GmbH expands market for Eastern Europe
Smap3D Plant Design by CAD Partner GmbH, which is based in Germany and the USA, now offers a Russian-language version in addition to the German and English versions. World-wide, Smap3D Plant Design is the only software that is fully integrated in SOLID EDGE and SOLIDWORKS and provides a continuous process chain for plant design. (...) (pdf, 90 kb)