3D CAD Solution for Mechanical Engineering:
Smap3D Plant Design

In many areas of mechanical engineering and plant technology, with all the necessary general mechanical construction tasks, problem areas crop up, requiring assistance in pipe and pipeline construction.
Take the whole area of hydraulic and pneumatic control systems and drives alone, the supply of lubricants, fuels, cooling and heating cycles etc. Other examples extend from small pumps and pumping stations to heavy duty cranes.

To implement a separate 3D plant design system for any one of these tasks is a costly proposition. Purely mechanical 3D construction systems often lack the functions and automations needed by the pipe construction engineer, if his work is to be efficient. Smap3D Piping application was developed as an 'add-in' for supporting 3D CAD systems for these applications.

3D-CAD-Software for mechanical engineering: Smap3D PipingOur mechanical engineering application
Smap3D Piping can be implemented for:

  • Conduiting of machines
  • Hydraulic piping
  • Pneumatic piping
  • Coolant supply
  • Detergent supply
  • Lubricant supply
  • Fuel supply
  • and much more


References for mechanical engineering:
IAF Process Engineering, Austria