3D CAD System SOLIDWORKS® with Smap3D Plant Design

Smap3D Plant Design and especially the Product Smap3D Piping is the ideal supplement to SOLIDWORKS, providing fast and simple creation of complex 3D pipeline systems. In connection with the Smap3D standard parts library for plant construction and Smap3D PartFinder, the user has an efficient and complete package for the fast realization of his requirements in 3D pipeline design, on the basis of SOLIDWORKS.

The 3D Sketch provides the basis for definition and creation of the required pipeline routes. Smap3D Piping specialises in the automatic generation of pipelines, composed of multiple fittings and straight pipes for the extent of the drafted pipeline route. Moreover, Smap3D Piping also supports the production of pipe bends or specially adapted curved pipes, besides standard curved fittings, as a basic function.

A phenomenally simple procedure:

    • In Smap3D P&ID the flow diagram of the plant process and the required pipelines is created.
    • With the To-Do list function of Smap3D Piping the defined content of the P&ID diagram is automatically evaluated and available in 3D CAD.
    • The routes (supported with information from P&ID) are drafted as 3D sketches of connected assembly unit lines. With the functions for intelligent connections and dimensions the pipeline paths are defined by the engineer until the resulting structural component corresponds to the required route.
    • Smap3D Piping analyses the drawn 3D line elements in the available 3D sketches and creates the 'pipeline paths' automatically via logical criteria. In this way, a pipeline path shows the route of a complete pipeline continuing from one connection to another, irrespective of how many 3D line elements, connected at their end points, are interspersed along the route. A line element branch-off always begins a new pipeline route.
      Pipeline paths can, of course, after their creation by Smap3D Piping, be extended or altered; in other words, new 3D sketches or even single lines can be added, removed or altered during the process at any time. Pipeline routes are associative to the drafted 3D sketch line elements.
    • The engineer's subsequent placing of bends, tees, flanges, gaskets etc. plus the creation of pipes is automatically carried out by Smap3D Piping's functionality, which saves time and provides a high level of process security.
    • Smap3D Isometric automatically generates the isometric drawing from the 3D pipeline.

The insertion of additional components (fittings, instruments etc.) in an already existing 3D pipeline is also possible and very simple. Smap3D Piping draws from the utilized pipe class definitions in the construction of the pipe system and permits only the installation of the appropriate specified components. (Process security).

Insulation generation for a pipeline, pipeline reduction or existing pipeline extension is also possible. These as well as further automatisms are possible via the operation of pipe classes.

An listing of description of operation methods including all Smap3D Plant Design products and functions are to be found on this website under >> Products >> 3D Piping.


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